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About Mistura


Our main artistic purpose is to combine the uncertainty of nature with the accuracy of time; to create timepieces full of with design, sustainable innovation and manual work. We always seek to fulfill our promise of quality and ratify our social and environmental commitment in each one of our processes; our passion is to make each creation an experience, and at the same time something as unique as a fingerprint.



We will never give up in the development and innovation of our ideas and craft techniques in order to keep creating pieces of art with authenticity and personality. We want to project ourselves as an artistic reference, of design and good experiences; Materializing the talent of designers and anonymous artists that vibrate and are passionate about making their creations avant-garde Elements that communicate emotions, feelings and a lifestyle.



Our essence and source of inspiration is the Wood, live and organic material that brings personality and authenticity in each piece that we make with it. Our Wood collection is a tribute to nature, to its randomness and its nobility.


The flower petals of Hydrengea from a region in the mountains of Colombia called Santa Elena, are the indisputable protagonists of this collection.

Expert craftsmen that keep their shape and color make this unique dial pieces of art as unique as exotic, immortalizing in them the magic of the nature in time.


The ARKITECT collection summarizes all the Mistura essence in its pieces full of modernism and personality. The materials of this collection are frequent in architecture and construction. Here we reinvent their use to transform the simple into unforgettable.


The NIVO collection has as premise the reuse of common materials, to innovate its use and function and give an artistic connotation. Layer by layer, it formed not only a Mistura but many stories that come from the origin of the material itself.


Art as a foundation of creation is the purpose of these masterpieces that are the materialization of exploring new and unknown talents, that put their art and reality in the meticulous design of each piece.  

This collection is an exploration of anonymous artists that find in a Mistura the opportunity to mold what they want to show the world.




Our wooden watches are hand crafted from wood and other renewable resources. Mistura offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable product.

Our exotic and unique watches are configured to the specific requirements of our customers. From white leather straps to teak surrounds, from striking orange hands to subtle wooden dials, we offer something for every taste.

Every wooden watch is lovingly handcrafted to our precise requirements and subject to the strictest quality controls. We have achieved an ultimately unique watch by mixing sustainability, sophistication, and style. 

Mistura's ethos is 'as nature intended...' therefore the basis of our designs stems from the alliance of art with nature. It is the entwining of fashion and art that makes Mistura wooden watches truly exotic and exceptional.

Our watches do not only enhance the environment around us through their sustainable construction, but the designs themselves draw their inspiration from the striking natural beauty that is prevalent in Colombia. It is the harnessing of such inspiration that enables us to transform our wooden watches into exotic masterpieces.

Purchase a Mistura wooden watch for oneself or as a gift for a loved one and carry a piece of nature with you forever.