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Is my Mistura watch water resistant?
Mistura watches are water resistant but not water proof - due to the characteristics of the natural materials like wood and leather, our timepieces will sustain normal rain exposure, sweat and water splashes from washing your hands. But it's best not to go swimming with your Mistura timepiece.
Is the battery on my Mistura watch replaceable?
Yes. In fact, we offer lifetime free battery replacements at our Mistura stores worldwide. If you are away from Mistura stores, you can take your Timepiece to any certified jeweler to change it. You can also ship your Timepiece back to us and our Mistura team will replace the battery for you. You will incur a service charge for watches sent to us for battery replacement. Contact us for details.
Is my Mistura watch unisex?
Most of our collection is unisex. Although some of them are uniquely dedicated for women.
Can I replace my watch strap or clasp?
Watches need to be sent in to the Mistura Repair Service Center for clasp or strap replacement. Please see our warranty policies for its coverage. If the replacement is not under warranty, there will be a charge for this service.
Will my watch look exactly the same as shown on the website?
Since the watch is 90% natural made of exotic woods, it may react to temperature, humidity and sunlight changing its color and shape. Our watches may also change its appearance with time. Some of our wood selections tend to darken their color due to aging. Since these reactions are unpredictable we advice you to take good care of it and if anything abnormal were to happen to it, we can always replace it under our return policy.
What materials do you use for your watches?
Mistura works under sustainable conscience with woods from various parts of the world, primarily from the South American tropic. The most used woods are Pui, Purpleheart, Ebony and Teak. Each of these exotic woods has a specific technique of preservation and a way of cutting. Our woods have to be aged for a period of six months to improve their durability and beauty. The straps are made of genuine leather.
How long does it take to create a Mistura watch?
90% of our timepieces are handmade, making the manufacturing process slower. If we add all the processes of carving and assembling together, it takes an average of 85 hours per watch.