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Is my watch water resistant?

The Mistura watches are water resistant, but not waterproof due to the characteristics of natural materials such as wood and leather. Our watches support normal splashes of rain, sweat and water when washing hands, it is best not to go swimming with your Mistura and keep it away as possible from contact with water.


Is the battery of my MISTURA replaceable?

Yes, our Mistura watches counts with a SR626SW battery.

Our warranty promise includes free battery change as larger than life of the watch is, however this only applies if you can take it directly to one of our stores. Due to geolocation issues, it is often better to take the watch to any watchmaker and make the change, since it is cheaper and faster.

Here are the possible cases for battery change:

  1. - if you are in Colombia, you have to send us the watch to the following addresses

Carrera 44 # 61 sur 8 Sabaneta, Antioquia

     2.  If you live outside Colombia, USA and Canada: get close to a local shop of your confident and make the change of the battery.


Will my watch be exactly the same as shown on the Website?

Our promise is to make each piece a work of art, unique as a fingerprint. Never a Mistura watch will be exactly the same as another, since 90% of the watch made with natural or unconventional materials (fine woods, minerals or cloth) can react to temperature, humidity and sunlight by changing its color and shape. Our watches can also change their appearance over time. Some of our selections of wood and leather tend to darken their color due to aging. Since these reactions are unpredictable we recommend that you take care of them to make sure adequate duration according to their natural conditions.

What i am going to receive?


 Can I replace my watch Strap or Buckle?

The strap system of our watches is designed so that you can make the change yourself following a simple procedure. Straps can be sent directly to your shipping address (shipping costs apply). If you are interested in a change of strap, you should contact our customer service at customerservice@mistura.com, who will help you place your order and instruct you in the change process. If you have questions about the warranty policy about the strap, please see our policies. If the replacement is not considered within the warranty, there will be a cost associated with this change.

For any doubts related to this topic, we will always be attentive to solve them, you just have to write us or call us to our contact information.


In what cases are the straps covered by the Warranty?

The warranty condition only applies when the straps are unstitched. If the strap shows wear in its texture or color, we will not take it as a warranty. The good care of your strap depends on the use you give to your Mistura. You may always order an extra one through customer service.


What materials do you use for your Watches?

In Mistura we work with sustainable awareness, which is why we use materials that generate a positive impact on Earth. We use renewable woods, mostly from South America. The most used woods are Pui, Ebony and Teak. Each of these fine woods has a specific conservation technique and a cut shape. Our woods have to be aged over a period of six months to improve their durability and beauty. The straps are genuine leather, wood or metal. Depending on the collection, we use other non-conventional materials such as recycled Denim, fabrics, Corian or construction materials.


Is my Mistura watch unisex?

We like to consider all our pieces as unisex. We do not believe in stereotypes or prejudices. We want you to find a perfect Mistura for yourself and fall in love with it, regardless of its color or shape.


How much time does it take to create a MISTURA TIMEPIECE?

90% of the process to create it is done by hand, so creating each piece is slow. There are long periods of rest from the woods, enlistment of materials, or absorption of oils, plus many hours of manual labor to mold, polish and assemble each piece, resulting in a ritual of about 85 hours to make you fall in love in a second.


How discount codes work?

Discount codes are special offers that do not apply for sale items


Can i ask for a refund on a Sale product?

No, all sale are final


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