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Under Warranty

Under warranty

Mistura watches have a five year (5) and a two year (2) warranty depending on their original date of purchase. If the purchase was made on or after January 1st 2015 a five warranty is applicable , If the purchase was made on or before December 31st 2014 a two year warranty is applicable.

The Mistura warranty conditions are subject to material and workmanship defects. Mistura timepieces are 90% natural and made by hand which means that any improper or abnormal use may cause damages to your Mistura watch and that will void your warranty automatically.

Covered under the warranty are damages caused by natural reactions such as warping or cracked wood, problems with the dial, stitching, movement, hands, crown, and buckle. These defects will be repaired or the timepiece will be replaced, at the discretion of the Mistura Repair Center free of charge.


    Out of warranty conditions

  • Damage related to improper or abnormal use
  • Water damage
  • Exposure to extreme temperatures

  • Warranty procedure

    For problems with your Mistura timepiece, please fill out our Mistura Warranty & Repair Form and send it along with a copy of your warranty card, purchase receipt or proof of credit card transaction attached.

    For repairs, please contact us at customerservice@mistura.com, or call us at (866) 807-7273

    If the warranty is applicable please send your timepiece to any of the following two store locations provided at the bottom of this page.

    We offer a lifetime free battery replacement only at our Mistura stores worldwide. If there is not a Mistura store near you , you can ship your Timepiece to any of the following two store locations below and our team will replace the battery for you.

    Please ship watches with a carrier that can be tracked such as FedEx or UPS. Mistura is not responsible for damage, loss or theft occurring during transportation.


    Mistura Timepieces

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    Miami, FL