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Infinite by Rayanegra - Wooden Watch

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Infinite by Rayanegra - Wooden Watch

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We collaborated with well-known designer Rayanegra in the creation of this unique watch. This style is crafted with exquisite woods and the finest level of leather. The Infinite was precisely crafted by vanguards of Mistura Timepieces. This edition utilizes exclusive movements of the watch industry while the appearance portrays an exquisite style.

Its craftsmanship promotes a new era of elegant structure and continues to carry qualities of artistry. By establishing the importance of quality in this unique watch for men and women, our artists and designers have shared their virtue by constructing efficient, luxurious pieces of art.

Case: Pui wood
Case Size: L: 42mm X W: 42mm
Case Thickness: 12mm
Weight: 59g
Dial: Black/Gold, Silver, Gold, Black/Silver
Band Size: 20mm X W: 240mm
Clasp: Prong Buckle made of stainless steel and wood
Warranty: 5-year limited.

This collection carries carries a sophisticated Swiss movement Ronda 763, 5 jewels  - a much respected and reliable movement in the watch industry.

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