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Volkano Santa Elena - Wooden Watch

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Volkano Santa Elena - Wooden Watch

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Volkano Santa Elena is also a part of our signature Volkano collection. Its large wooden case measures at a length of 39mm and a width of 47mm, creating a striking and bold appearance for these wooden watches.

The Ferro Santa Elena watch face features flowers found in the quaint town of Santa Elena, Colombia. Our artists use a special technique that immortalizes these flowers for years to come. Each watch face has its own multicolored flowers, making these unique watches truly one of a kind.  

Case: Pui wood.
Case Size: L: 47mm X W: 38mm
Case Thickness: 10mm
Weight: 40g
Dial: Red - Multicolor - Dark Blue - Turquoise - Gold Flowers
Band Size: L: 24mm X W: 246mm
Clasp: Prong Buckle made of stainless steel and wood
Warranty: 5-year limited.

This collection carries Japanese Quartz by Citizen - a much respected and reliable movement in the watch industry. 

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