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The Ultimate Party Game For Design Nerd

Posted on April 29, 2016 by Rebecca Londoño | 0 Comments

Took from www.fastcodesign.com

The Dutch artist Sigrid Calon has applied her gradated, geometric patterns to everything from beautiful Risograph prints to hospital walls and water tanks. Now, she's adapting her signature style to a deck of cards—creating her own design-savvy spin on the classic memory card game.

The Memory Game goes by many names—you might know it as Concentration or Match Match—but the rules are universal: lay the cards out face down, take turns selecting two and try to remember where the cards are placed to get a match. It's a game Calon remembers playing with her grandmother's set—a "beautiful memory game with old Dutch classics items"—when she was growing up. Last year, she designed two signature typefaces as an extension of her previous work creating graphic translations of embroidery stitches. The font is minimal and abstract, making it difficult to see the letters if you don't know what you're looking for.

The patterns on the cards merge two of Calon's typefaces—Calon Block and Calon Speed—on brightly colored, geometric card tiles. Calon's abstracted forms make the game a bit trickier than you might remember from childhood, but a good deal prettier, too—perfect for your next designer-filled soiree.

The Sigrid Calon Memory Game is available from Princeton Architectural Press for $18.95.

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