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Posted on February 08, 2017 by Rebecca Londoño

The best wooden watches are made from sustainable wood by a company that cares about the world around us. When buyers are in the market for a watch, they don’t typically think about looking for a watch made from wood, however, these watches are an amazing addition to anyone’s box of accessories.

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Posted on November 22, 2016 by Rebecca Londoño

The holidays are upon us and many people are thinking hard about what to get their loved ones. The gift list gets longer every year but there are a few special people that you want to show your appreciation for. Why not buy them designer women’s watches online? These watches will make an amazing gift that the recipient will cherish forever. A watch made by a company who is environmentally conscious, gives back to the earth, and offers a great product is a company that is worth buying from.

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Posted on November 20, 2016 by Angelo Ortiz

We already know about the never ending craze of the wrist watches. Somewhere at the back of our mind we know that no matter what how much technological advancements are made but the emphasis on classic time pieces will never come to a close. Be it James Bond or Bruce Wayne they all need their time pieces in top-notch condition so does many other.

Despite of world’s dependence on smart phones or coming up of smart watches, there is no beating classic wristwatches. Talking of the wristwatch trends, there has been a new loop of trend of wooden watches. These incredibly stylish and elegant time pieces have caught attention.

There could be many reasons for you to love wooden watches. Primary reason could be their most elegant look and finish. It gives one that grace and luxury of one of a kind style. Other thing about hand crafted little wooden beauties is that every watch is unique. As they are hand crafted by fine craftsman no two watches could be same, hence making it just made for you only. We can’t deny the fact that when we go for a watch we look to out do the world with our unique selection of the best piece. This is another great way to own a watch that is truly unique and different than all other watches as they are hand made.

Watches made of natural wood are not only classy but the expert choose the highest quality wood for the best products. Crafted for perfection these watches take considerable time for production as they are hand crafted and require special skill. They reflect the desire to become more in touch with nature and keep away from the metal themes that are seen so frequently today. While producing wooden watches it becomes their responsibility to ensure environmental care and protection. Wooden watch makers also claim to plant trees for sustainability.

Wooden watches make the catch of the season because of the elegant look it displays. Due to that fact it becomes ideal gift for anyone. With classic looks combined with today’s technology wooden watches become a truly innovative form of time keeping. Watch is not just a tool to tell time but it makes a statement about the person who wear it.

watches made out of wood are set top catch many eyes this season. They are also a remarkably unique work of art that is personalized to each person who wear it.

Wooden watches have rocked the new trends as they combine style, elegance, quality, and sustainability, making them truly one of a kind. It becomes one trendy thing certainly to look out for.

Posted on November 11, 2016 by Rebecca Londoño

Typically, when someone says ‘one of a kind’ they don’t truly mean that there is only one such product out there but rather that it is different from the mainstream collections. However, in the case of Mistura wooden wrist watches there are various selections available that are only made exactly that way one time because of the products and characteristics involved.

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Posted on June 23, 2016 by Andre Franco

Women need their designer watches to accessorize their outfits. Whether they are dressing up for work in a business suit or going out on the town in a tight pair of jeans, they need their watch to match their outfit. This is a great time to purchase a designer watch that goes well with either outfit. The watch must be unique and beautiful for it to be considered the perfect watch. It must also be affordable and durable. The watch should be nice for the occasions that a woman wants to get dressed up or down for.

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Posted on April 25, 2016 by Andre Franco

In today’s society looking good is not just about your style of clothes and accessories but also how you got to that point and with sustainability as a hot topic the merging of the two becomes an ideal combination. Designers are paying more attention on the quality of material they use, helping to manufacture these in their home countries for creating jobs and using items that are beautiful and good for the planet. Shoppers that are conscious of these issues look for these characteristics when they are searching for their favorites and buy from manufacturers that proudly boast of their connection to helping nature and providing stunning looks for men and women.

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